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Lottie Wright

Wanting to compete for the longest of time, I finally decided to hire a coach and reach out to Steve. After lots of discussion, I was given the best advice I could have asked for. Experience dieting and do a shoot, then if I decided I loved it we would step up to a comp prep. Being patient with me as a newby to prep life, Steve helped me every step of the way and I complete one of the best experiences of my life. So excited to go onto a comp prep with Steve behind me all the way.

Harry Williams

When I contacted Chidge, it was under less than ideal circumstances, we had 12 weeks as I decided we would do a show late on. He pushed me and supported me through every step and we celebrated 2nd place and a British invite at the UKBFF. His professionalism and love for coaching shows massively and I would never have got through it without him.

Jasmine Cain

Having made some great changes myself at the beginning of my journey, I decided to hire Steven to prepare me for a bikini show. Helping me to believe in myself we achieved an amazing result coming 2nd with an invite to British finals. I received a huge amount of support after my show and went at a pace I was completely comfortable with when pushing calories post show.

Elis Smits

With a long term goal to compete in natural bodybuilding Chidge and I created a plan which saw me complete a photoshoot, off season then a prep. I couldn't be happier with the support I have had, always having a goal to work to and giving me everything I need to succeed both physically and mentally.

Nicole Taylor

Coming from a sporting background (swimming), I decided I wanted to experience competing. Having followed Chidge for a while and gaining a lot of value from his content, I decided to hire him as my coach. 

He has got me in the shape of my life giving me nothing but support and reassurance through some of my many struggles and regular breakdowns questioning if I can do it. I loved every minute of the process and can't thank him enough for the help and support he gave me in achieving my goal of stepping on stage.

Jack Thomas

I contacted Chidge after seeing him produce a great standard of training with his clients in the gym. As an online client, we have developed a great relationship, which means I had trust in him that he would always push me and do whatever it took to get the result we wanted. After an initial diet we transitioned into an offseason to pack on as much muscle possible before we prepped. 

Placing 5th in my first show in a very stacked line up was amazing. I was not the most muscular on stage but was complimented on the great condition we brought. We now have plans to add muscle and go again in 2021 and I am excited for what we will achieve together after what has already been a great journey.

Erin Carson

Steven has taught me the importance of looking after myself. He has impeccable knowledge when it comes to health and fitness and he has helped me to achieve something I never thought I could. We have daily motivational talks in which he is consistently positive about everything and has been so supportive throughout my entire journey and continues to do so. I’m a completely different person than I was before I started my coaching with him, he’s helped me to love myself again and to live a healthy balanced lifestyle!

Jason Conway

Having always wanted to compete I hired Steve to help me achieve my goals. At 45 I feel I achieved the best physique of my life. Having heard it was one of the toughest challenges to compete I was very nervous. Steve helped me to get into a great starting position and gave me immense support all the way through with training, nutrition, posing and feeling confident on shows day. I definitely have the bug and can't wait to compete again.

Aisha Clasen

Having always wanted to compete but unsure whether I would be up to the standard to so many are, speaking with Chidge helped me to grow in confidence and although our prep was full of ups and downs, I had all the support I needed to get me through it. I am so proud of what we have done together and I am excited for more to come. Chidge puts everything into his clients and I honestly can't thank him enough for the support.

Graeme Brotherton

In need of a lifestyle change, I approached Steven to train 1-1 following a recommendation from a friend who had worked with him previous. After working on reducing alcohol intake and improving nutrition while training consistently, over 30lbs later I went to my wedding in my best shape ever. Having loved the process, we are know spending time increasing muscle mass so we can diet again. 

Levi Rowan

After following Chidge for a while and seeing some of the great results I wanted to take part in a photoshoot. My current situation was less than ideal as I was sleeping very little, had high stress at work and consumed far too many energy drinks. After taking time to get my health variables right, we then pushed calories, albeit very slowly as the idea scared me. We then set a date and dieted down for a shoot which I am extremely proud of. Plans have now been set to improve and go again with more muscle and even better condition.

Dan Dakin

After my wife achieved amazing results, I decided to train 1-1 with Steven. He taught me so much about training hard and eating smart, whilst being able to fit it in to my busy lifestyle. Running a business and having a wife and two children can be tough to find time, but allowing me to fit it in around my lifestyle got me in the best shape of my life and fitness will always be one of my priorities now.

Charlotte Dakin

Steven has supported me through an operation, depression and anxiety, with impressive results. He continually researches and reads in order to pass the latest health and fitness facts on. My plans were easy to follow around my current busy lifestyle and I can't thank him enough for everything he has taught me and supported me with.

Chris Jones

Having just become a father, I wanted to get in the best shape possible for our first family holiday. With Steven closely monitoring health markers such as stress, sleep and recovery I managed to drop over 40lbs despite sleepless nights, running a business and adjusting to life as a father.

Rebecca Jenner

Working with Steven has helped me to manage a stressful lifestyle and maintain the amazing results I have achieved. I have always enjoyed a social life being a foodie. The continued support I get gives me the structure and confidence I need to live a more flexible and consistent approach, with new goals being constantly set.

Matt Buckley

Before hiring Steven as my online coach, I use to diet by pulling all carbs and doing as much cardio as I could, then when trying to build, I would just eat everything possible. With the plan I followed of Steven and the regular changes, I realized previous approaches weren’t efficient as I was still having plenty of carbs and calories, but with close monitoring, regular check ins, I managed to get results I was delighted with, without any extremities.

Sophie Massey

Having learnt so much from Chidge on his social media, I wanted to get into shape and feel more confident for my up and coming holiday. Since we began I have not only got into great shape but I have learnt so much which I now put into my personal training business and everyday life.

Jonathan Campbell

I contacted Steven in good time to achieve the body I wanted for my wedding day. Working a mixture of both 1-1 and online, I learnt how to master and nail the basics, whilst having the continued support through email and text message, which allowed me to stay on track and get a physique I was truly happy with when it came to the big day.

Nina Lynch

Having previously had a bad relationship with food, Steven helped to develop an understanding of creating balance through training and nutrition, which sees me being consistent for the majority of time and then have things I enjoy and socializing guilt free. As a result I achieved my goals working with him initially 1-1 then online once I had more confidence in the gym. I realise that I don't have to be all or nothing, with good balance and hard training I can enjoy life and stay healthy

Nicky Parry

Having trained for years, I never could get rid of that last little body fat. I approached Steven to help me tighten things up and learn more regarding the process. It was tough but with constant feedback and interaction, I got the result I was hoping for and learn a lot I could take forward into my training

Georgie Revill

Having had a history of eating disorders, I approached Steven once I felt I was recovered. He has taught me the importance of a healthy relationship with food. As a result, I have achieved great results so far. I have a social life where I make good choices and feel no guilt. I got into the bed shape of my life both physically and mentally for my wedding and we now have future plans to do a photoshoot with my new husband. I love fitness and it will always be a big part of my life thanks to Steven


16 weeks into my year long transformation I can't believe how much I have transformed already. Steven completely understands my busy life schedule and gives me support, time and effort whenever I need it to help me stay on track. I have learnt so much about my body and the importance of time and consistency. I want to be in the best shape of my life for a big birthday next year and I feel I am definitely on the right path with current standings.